BMSR have a strangely alluring weapon in their armory: sheer contradiction. Lead singer Tobacco puts his heart and soul into creating a strange brew that’s simultaneously beautiful and repulsive. Even his moniker jars, while the tracklisting (‘We Burn’, ‘I Think I’m Evil’) and title mean that ‘Cobra Juicy’ is grounded in iniquity. Indeed, upon first listen of the group’s most accessible release you’d be forgiven for thinking you had accidentally queued up ‘Moon Safari’, but delve deeper and you realise that this is an altogether more disturbing beast. ‘The Healing Power of Nothing’ and ‘Dreamsicle Bomb’ are gorgeously trippy dream pop specimens, while ‘Hairspray Heart’ is a luscious piece of space rock. Its repeated refrain – “like a fucking diamond / falling from my fucking eye” – means that you never get too comfortable though. Here, on the band’s fifth album, we find BMSR somewhere between the whimsy of Ween and the abrasiveness of early 2000s Cex. It’s unnerving but all the more fascinating for it.

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