Of course, if The Beatles couldn’t really play they would never had made it to ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, but imagine for a second that they rudimentarily clunked their way to becoming Egg Men and stayed there. Ergo Phizmiz’s second album makes the whole idea completely plausible, beginning with rootsy chug ‘Lafcadio’; full of late ’60s perma-harmonies, a weird sonar synth break and lyrics surreal enough to make “Goo goo g’joob” as pedestrian as “I want to hold your hand”. Lyrically, it’s just the start for Phizmiz, who goes on to “write your obituary and stick it on my face” (‘The Penguin’) and dedicate a dopy waltz to early ’90s Lenny Henry vehicle Bernard and The Genie. Exploring pastoral, pixie majesty and Mr Kite pier music, it’s all actually very charming in an eccentric, woozy, English way that never feels ironic, cynical or as soggily twee as the sum of its Pritt-Stik and paper parts.

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