This record makes the phrase ‘background music’ sound not even slightly derogatory. After 13 albums and an approach as prolifically and stylistically mad as Yo La Tengo’s, ‘Fade’ feels omnipresent – a generative and warming hum of a record that could have been around, wallowing in accomplished familiarity, for as long as the band that produced it. There are sonic echoes of 2000’s night-timey ‘…And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out’, but the lyrical sentiment – honest, sad, mature – sits forward and tugs with sparks of truth. There are big strings and big drums but they are starkly used and tumble about the voices of Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley in such a way that their restrained vocals feel quietly epic. There are no calypso tricks or ramshackle cover versions, just a platter of songs that stick fast in your head and at the same time hang together as a soporific, blurry edged soundtrack that you’d happily keep on a loop.

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