Adam Green’s voice has always oozed a billowy, rich reverberate tone that almost feels lackadaisical, so relaxed, natural and easy. However, aside from its stand-alone prowess, it seems to take on a new lease of life and texture when accompanied by a member the opposite sex. As was the case in the Moldy Peaches, where each singer was as valuable as the other, so too is the case the instance, on this collaboration with Binki Shapiro. Binki sings delicately and with a restrained and poised nature that occasionally borders on the gorgeous. Musically, it has a golden pop haze surrounding the record – not a revolutionary step in the arsenal of Green’s work, but an example of what he does best nonetheless; forging delectable, primitive, idiosyncratic pop music (although the delightful surf freak-out of ‘What’s the Reward’ is an invigorating new side on display). The album peaks and climaxes in the closing two songs as if it’s been leading to this point all along. Hopefully this isn’t a one-off hook-up.

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