If Blue Hawaii’s debut album feels chilly and insular, it’s because ‘Untogether’ (the name says it all, really) was recorded in the depths of a Montreal winter, with each member of the duo doing their bit in isolation. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it, but BRAIDS singer Ra doesn’t bemoan or shriek with the melodrama of a snow queen mad in her own company, and her second project’s ardently electronic production, while always subtle, refrains from feeling as steely as most other glacial techno. It’s the deep house wub-wub hum of tracks like ‘Sweet Tooth’, in fact, that make this an album of sombre beauty and introspective meditation, for a time at least. As the soft dub bobs on, slipping into ’90s two-step that can only be described as ‘delicious’, comes the stand-out ‘Flammarion’, a lot like a Peaking Lights album, you’ll either find yourself wishing, ok, do something a little different now please, or happily lost in a cycle of familiarity and unquestionably modern electro pop.

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