A 28-minute suite of recurring musical motifs and autobiographical picaresque, ‘Lysandre’ unashamedly positions itself as that strangest of animals, the concept album. Christopher Owens’ vision was of a self-contained, holistic piece of art, “making every song on the album akin to the other, never leaving the key of A” and to be fair ‘Lysandre’ does a solid job of creating a distinctive mood. However, as it tells the tale of former band Girls’ first major tour and the romantic relationship that intertwined it, it comes off as tiresome, syrupy and awkward. Owens’ depiction of every day activities on ‘Everywhere You Knew’ (“We watched television on the couch and then I bought a pack of cigarettes”), for example, is clumsy, while the title track’s refrain of “Kissin’ and a-huggin’, it’s the air that I breathe / I’ll always make time for love” is nauseatingly saccharine.

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