Listen to ‘Love Is The Devil’, a new track from Dirty Beaches.


Dirty Beaches – the solo project of Alex Zhang Hungtai – will release a double album called ‘Drifters/Love Is The Devil’ on 21 May 2013 via Zoo Music.

Listen to the instrumental title track from ‘Love Is The Devil’ below.

Drifters Tracklisting
01. Night Walk
02. I Dream In Neon
03. Belgrade
04. Casino Lisboa
05. ELLI
06. Aurevoir Mon Visage
07. Mirage Hall
08. Landscapes In The Mist

Love Is The Devil Tracklisting
01. Greyhound At Night
02. This Is Not My City
03. Woman
04. Love Is The Devil
05. Alone At The Danube River
06. I Don’t Know How To Find My Way Back To You
07. Like The Ocean We Part
08. Berlin