The sound of a steel drum rarely fails to conjure an escape to somewhere magical; the sweet metallic sound gliding on the breeze as it rustles through the palms, the kiss of warm Caribbean heat dying in the dusk, the satisfying premise of Pina Coladas and sand in between your toes. But like all escapism, the moment, all be it honeyed, is over far too quickly; the sun-drenched idyll quickly replaced by the vice-grip of reality. ‘Con-fusion’ could be a commuter hell antidote; the pretty, private retreat to ease you through Falling Down implosions of inane chatter and stale coffee breath. Beautifully ethereal on the Alexis Taylor-guested ‘The Way We Live Today’ and skilful and delicate on ‘Ancestral Heartbeat’, this is an album that plays out with all the paradise promise you’d expect, even if it wasn’t built to last.

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