Based in Brixton, formed in Bahrain and heavily influenced by African dance music and tribal freakouts, Flamingods are on something of a cultural quest that knows no rules. Their first gig – 8 hours long, aided by strangers playing saucepans and in a Butlin’s chalet at Animal Collective’s ATP – pointed toward a disregard for contemporary structures, methods and plain editing that, to be frank, made their previous tape releases a bit of a mess. For this debut album proper, though, while holding onto their childlike thirst of experimentation and hitting things because it feels good, there are plenty of rather concise hippy jams to make your legs go loose and arms shake off. If you’re not smiling by the end of ‘Sun’ – a recurring melee of primal rhythms and odd, wild howls at the cosmos that features Ponytail’s Dustin Wong on ‘Quesso’ – perhaps you don’t have a mouth.

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