Iceage’s debut album, ‘New Brigade’, was full of so much genuine nihilism and teenage chaos it’s a wonder that this Danish quartet have made a follow up at all. ‘You’re Nothing’, as the title suggests, has the distinctly Scandinavian hardcore band still in a bad mood, still violently young (they’re 20 now) and still combining the dead vocals of Ian Curtis with bully boy venom and thrashing punk instruments that seem to barge each other out of time rather than coexist for the good of each three-minute barrage.

Whatever the opposite of mellowing is, that’s what Iceage have done, stamping out the embers of pop that lightly glowed on ‘New Brigade’ tracks like ‘Collapse’. ‘You’re Nothing’ is more brutal, if anything, ‘Ecstasy’ jarring like two angry YouTube windows open at once. If you didn’t like it first time around, you’re not going to now. For those that did, Iceage’s second album is familiar in its thrilling danger.

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