Fucking with Prince is a dangerous game. Pull it off (see Beck’s extraordinary ‘Midnite Vultures’ as the genre’s exemplar) and you’re untouchable, but mess it up (Nite Jewel’s latest) and you’re in all sorts of pseudo-funk trouble. Now inc., two hipster-quiffed Los Angelino brothers, are the latest to make a tilt at the Purple One’s throne – specifically his boudoir’n’b incarnation – with a record of breathy voiced late-night slow jams slathered with smoke, latex and a convincingly substantial amount of grind.

Sure, there’s more jazz-funk muzak here than any record strictly requires (not least on the utterly redundant instrumental outro), but when it succeeds, ‘No World’ is delightfully seductive: the central pair of ‘Trust (Hell Below)’ and ‘5 Days’ combine New Jack Swing beats and super-schmoov keyboards to provide the same modernist hue of lover’s rock that made last year’s Jessie Ware record so irresistible, and ‘Desert Rose’s distinctly modern production marks out the album as not just an exercise in throwback ability.

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