Following on from 2009’s ‘Sugarland’, Talk Normal seem to have acquired a feeling of presence and weight that would normally be the result of adding extra band members, yet on ‘Sunrise’ the Brooklyn outfit remains a sturdy duo – they just sound greater than the sum of their parts. There is still an occasional minimal, skeletal, scratchiness to the record, but there are also enormous moments of screeching noise and charged atmosphere, with the climatic finale of albums opener ‘Lone General’ seeing them explode into almost Swans-like territory. The band’s time spent on the road with Wire may have taught them a thing or two also, and much like Wire’s own leap from ‘Pink Flag’ to ‘Chairs Missing’, ‘Sunshine’ is entrenched in texture, depth and sonic growth. Maturity is perhaps a condescending term to use, but the transition and evolution from the group’s debut to this is one that is on a steady incline.

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