Laudably messy hip hop records are few and far between these days. The genre as a whole has been so intent on wrestling with the problems of production that it seems to have forgotten that the best LPs are often haphazard and sudden – even awkward at times.  It’s no surprise, then, that Edinburgh trio Young Fathers’ ‘Tape One’, an uncouth, gangly, mal-coordinated celebration of a hip hop LP, is in fact a 1-year-old reissue. Though the rapping here may not be as technical as we’re used to, Young Fathers are eloquent lyricists, coaxing the poetry out of every line whilst, underneath, tribal percussion and lo-fi synth-fuzz battle for supremacy. ‘Tape One’ is the sort of album where every song jostles for its position on the tracklist. It is bold and forceful – an assured re-entry into the industry, though also a disappointingly fleeting one.

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