Mining the despair and depression of an anxiety disorder isn’t your typical inspiration but it’s a catharsis Brooklyn-based, electro artist Arthur Ashin (or Autre Ne Veut) has made play out. Stridently bringing his struggles to life, the aptly titled ‘Anxiety’ pushes through ’80s pop hooks, big melodies and slurring R&B. A part ‘listen to me’ Glee bonanza, part heart-on-sleeve diary confession, his piercing falsetto forms the centrepiece as the album dances between avant-pop, prime time X-Factor dramatics and warped, witch-house eeriness. Pushing past vocal boundaries, Ashin warbles into wild octaves and lavishly cuts between the crisp and strained. As the howls and hollers are let loose on ‘Gonna Die’ and tip the edge on ‘Don’t Ever Look Back’, ‘Ego Free Sex Free’ characterises the unerring mix of warped sex jams, dark honesty and arty pop pretension. One to bump heads over, instead of uglies to, ‘Anxiety’s a real Rorschach test of an LP.

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