Despite the overall progression and slightly more florid production of ‘Clash the Truth’, Beach Fossils’ second album is not an explicit evolution from “bedroom DIY” project to “a better fidelity”, more refined studio album. With production duties being assigned to Ben Greenberg of The Men, he and head fossil Dustin Payseur manage to capture a lo-fi, surf rock aesthetic with an underlying aggressive urgency that counterparts the energetic spontaneity of this band’s live performances.

Beneath the hazy guitar textures, soporific vocals and beautifully crafted melodies lies the spirit of punk, with the first couple of notes on the opening title track ostensibly paying homage to the familiar first chords of ‘Pretty Vacant’. Still at home in his lo-fi sensibilities, Payseur’s punk-rock disposition prevents ‘Clash the Truth’ from sounding like a mere pastiche of its dream-pop contemporaries.

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