It’s hard to deny that growling chords, garage licks and thudding bass remain a universal language for any entry level rock band full of riot and snarl, however, the middle section of ‘Spectre at the Feast’ – rammed with BRMC’s familiar, jubilant stomp – feels more formulaic than it did ten years ago. It’s rock music by the book, but it feels stuck or still searching for the voice that fits it now. In places, the band’s sixth album resembles Radiohead’s first – a bad and good thing, the contemplative moments (coloured by the recent death of Robert Been’s father) providing a more interesting direction. ‘Sometimes the Light’ is a sonic homage to Spiritualized and hits equally maudlin heights, the 8 minute closer ‘Lose Yourself’ destined to bring out the emo-teen in anyone within earshot. It sounds cathartic and maybe now this ‘difficult’ record is behind them, BRMC can move on.

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