Normandy outfit Concrete Knives unleash their debut album on a public that is currently largely unaware of their energetic, playful ways. While boisterous opener ‘Bonholmer’ gallops along with a mischievous pop spirit that harnesses the buoyancy of early Los Campesinos, it, like ‘Brand New Start’ and many of the other tracks on ‘Be Your Own King’, also firmly arrives ensconced in an overly polished sheen, while ‘Greyhound Racing’, with its loose tribal-touched drumming, funk-edged rhythmic chops and ‘na na nah nah na’ vocal refrain, sees the band sauntering nearer to being a French version of near forgotten, fleeting indie pop darlings Black Kids. Put simply, things get very annoying very quickly, like they did with similar playschool pop duo Matt & Kim. Melody rich, this album is in fact too much so and will leave you feeling bloated on its sickly candy.

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