The follow-up to 2011’s wonderfully titled ‘In Gnod We Trust’, ‘Chaudelande’ is set in a shadowy, claustrophobic place. With the average length of its six tracks standing at just over 10 minutes, it can quite fairly be labelled as an epic. In terms of sound, the most congruent pigeon hole to reach for might be post-punk, but Gnod also straddle metal, dub and electronica whilst maintaining an improbable cohesiveness. ‘Entrance’, for example, is math rock that sits somewhere between Slint and Mogwai, sounding as though the snares are always on the verge of combustion, while ‘Man On The Wire’ creates a disturbing, man-made landscape that’s reminiscent of early PiL or ‘Chairs Missing’-era Wire. The stand-out, however, is ‘Visions of Load’, driven forward by a dirty, rumbling bass synth groove that’ll induce an eerie hypnosis a la early 1970s Can via The Fall’s ‘Imperial Wax Solvent’.

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