Each month we ask a past interviewee to quiz someone of their choosing. FIDLAR picked Trash Talk.


Sacramento hardcore band Trash Talk spent part of 2012 talking up fellow skate enthusiasts and Californians FIDLAR. The respect, unsurprisingly, turns out to be mutual, and when we interviewed the Los Angeles-based FIDLAR for last month’s Loud And Quiet the band they chose to leave their burning questions for were Trash Talk. Singer Lee Spielman does the answering, laying to rest all you need to know about touring with Odd Future, skateboarding, the worst pain in the world, gig pile-ups, rules of the road and which other punk bands will rip your fucking head off.

FIDLAR: Who gets to hit greens the most?

Trash Talk singer Lee Spielman: “Garrett, hands down. No competition. Garrett smokes more than anyone I know. They should give him an award or something for how much weed he smokes.”

Who’s got the best nollie?

“Mikal’s got the best nollie ‘cause he’s got long legs and he’s lanky, but I’ll smash him when it comes to nollie flips.”

What can’t you do on a board that you’ve always wanted to?

“I’ve always wanted to be able to hard flip but I just can’t seem to get the board to go in between my legs. It fucking sucks ‘cause hard flips look so cool.”

In a Battle Royale between the four of you, who’s coming out on top?

“Sam Bosson. He’s a beast. Look how big he is. That shit’s crazy.”

Who would Trash Talk like to tag team with and why?

“Hmm this is a hard one. I’m gonna have to say Juicy J so we can turn up at functions anywhere, no matter what’s happening.”

What’s the gnarliest shit that’s ever happened at a Trash Talk Collective show?

“Broken leg, broken arm, broken nose, broken ankle all in one set at – rather fittingly – Chain Reaction in Anaheim.”

Wow, did that happen to members of the band or the crowd? Did the show not even stop for that?

“It all happened in the crowd. I didn’t see any of it cause we were playing and I never see shit when we are playing. I noticed it when I went outside and saw kids laid out. It looked like some sort of war movie outside!”

What does Mikal do?

“I’m still asking myself the same question.”

Where/How do you guys record? ‘Cause your records sound fucking rad!

“We like to record analogue to tape but we are kind of down for whatever. We have hit a lot of studios to try different stuff out. We are still locking that part in.”

Are there any new bands we should be checking out?

“Check out The Flex from Leeds, UK. They will rip your fucking head off. Hardcore the way it’s supposed to be played!”

We feel like the Trash Talk/Odd Future collaboration is some ground breaking shit – hardcore kids at hip hop shows and vice versa. How’s it been, crowd wise on the Trash Wang shows?

“It’s been sick. Hardcore kids are down for rap and rap kids are down for hardcore. It’s usually just one big room full of kids who wanna get loose and turn up. It makes for a pretty interesting show when a kid in a Brick Squad T shirt dives off of a balcony head first to some slam jams.”

If we got Trash Talk stick-n-pokes [DIY tattoos], would one of you dudes get a FIDLAR stick-n-poke?

“Fuck it dawg, life’s a risk.”

What would Trash Talk’s motto be?

“‘DESTROY’ is the motto.”

Where did Spencer and Garrett get such rad amps?

Emperor Cabinets. They are made deep in a cave off the coast of Brazil. They fucking rule. Louder is better.”

What’s the worst injury Lee has ever gotten during a show he’s performing in?

“I broke a knee cap once in Japan. Dived off the stage and came back crippled. It fucking sucked. One of the worst pains in my entire life.”

When was the last time you heard a record and thought, fuck, I wish we’d come up with that? And what record was it?

“Garrett played me the newest Pissed Jeans record yesterday in the car and it completely blew my head off. Those guys know how to make anything sound good. So much style.”

What’s your key bit of advice on surviving the road?

“Save your change. You might need it one day when you’re stranded and all you want is a one-dollar cheeseburger from McDonald’s. It may not sound appealing now but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures!”

Who gets the most love from the females?

“Ad Ross.”

When are we touring together?

“I hope we tour the world and space together hella soon. I don’t know if people are ready for that kind of wildness yet. It might be too much for the nerds to handle. One love.”

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