‘Privilege’ is a confusing record. Its melodrama, affectations and sonic schizophrenia should make it unbearable, but it’s actually oddly addictive in its bombastic confidence and range. Reverting to their core membership, Portland’s Parenthetical Girls are led by Zac Pennington who wholly inhabits the lyrical sneer of the record and its 12 tales of wealthy hedonism and cracked veneer – his voice soaring and quipping over lush orchestrations and oleaginous electro-pop. Composer Jherek Bischoff has clearly plucked a few verdant leaves out of Stephen Merrit’s epic song-writing handbook and delivers four opening tracks which knit together so perfectly that you’re forced to throw in your lot and join them for this ludicrous ride. “Bring me the head of my love life”, the title track demands over a score as dreamy and epic as the Twin Peaks title music. Ok. You got me. I give in.

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