While there’s nothing particularly ignoble about making music to get nicely blazed to, Psychic Ills’ brazenly basic approach to achieving that goal – namely, straightforward, pastiche-heavy, mid-tempo, fuzzed-out guitar rock songs, one after another after another – comes across so lazily that one wonders if they’re maybe pursuing their goal a little too eagerly. Accordingly, ‘One Track Mind’ –appropriately named given its slender imagination – presents the listener with a conveyor belt of standard psych tropes, in which we have a lot of driving down roads (yeah) and losing one’s mind (yeah) set against heavy-lidded grooves and stodgy, if sporadically catchy, two-finger riffs. Several of ‘One Track Mind’’s songs are perfectly pleasant – particularly the insistent earworms of ‘Might Take A While’ and ‘One More Time’ – but taken as a whole, this is 45 minutes of meat-and-potatoes stoner-dude rock-by-numbers: functional, but bland.

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