Listen to ‘Slowburn’ from Manchester’s Kult Country.


Kult Country is the mumbling, drone/dream project from Manchester’s Yousif Al-Karaghouli who, a.) we’ve become a little struck by, and b.) release their debut single next month on local indie imprint Sways Records.

Sways are the label that have already brought us Manchester bands GREATWAVES and MONEY, with Kult Country’s ‘Slowburn/Amongst The Dead Forever’ single throwing fuel on the city’s rejuvenated music scene from its release date on April 29th.

You can have a listen to ‘Slowburn’ exclusively below, and catch Kult Country live at the following dates.

15th March – Shacklewell Arms, London, UK
23rd March – The Bunker, Manchester, UK
31st March – Detestival, Sheffield, UK
20th April – Soup Kitchen, Manchester, UK
14th-16th June – Rockorama, Toulon, FR

Pre-order the single here.