If the band’s name didn’t quite indicate enough how they might sound, then the fact that John Spencer produced this album probably will. Of course it’s primal, primitive blues-rock-garage-noise. The group, however, are in possession of as much humour as they are rambunctiousness – calling themselves such names as Boogie Snake and Dirty Coq, they instil a careless, reckless bluster to ‘Liquid Love’, a record named after a meeting place on Brooklyn’s hipper than hip Bedford Ave. Aside from the flat out bursts of guitar charge and garage-swamp swagger, a smatter of funk struts its way through the record too – in the end paying equal parts homage to Sly Stone and the Cramps. New ground may not be being broken here, but the old one is being stomped to death with a giant pair of boots in a gloopy puddle of splattering mud.

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