The Strokes have at least learned one lesson from previous album ‘Angles’: five years to make a record that sounded so lazily found-out-the-back just won’t do. At one and a half years in the making, ‘Comedown Machine’ is the band’s most quickly produced album yet, and for its more inventive moments (the falsetto, A-ha-pinching ‘One Way Trigger’; calypso highlight ‘Tap Out’; the funk imbued ‘Welcome To Japan’, which features the non-too po-faced line, “I didn’t really notice, what kind of asshole drives a lotus?”; ‘Chances’ – a ballad that is at once stadium soft-rock, a nod to Kate Bush and strangely beautiful) it’s already loads better than anything post ‘Juicebox’. Foolishly, the band are to next unveil ‘All The Time’ – a bland demo-at-best that jars with this noted evolution, presumably to quash any hate that ‘One Way Trigger’ has garnered. There’s plenty of that here too, of course – The Strokes sounding like The Strokes, one five-minute dirge called ‘80s Comedown Machine’ – but some spontaneity too, from band we now expect to be idle and spoilt.

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