A car in their press photos. A car on their album sleeve. A song called ‘Drive’. Noirish, sensual, widescreen electro from the lips of an audibly striking femme fatale and the fingers of a synth pop hero. The debut album from Tomorrow’s World (a new project from Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel and former New Young Pony Clubber Lou Hayter) is bound to get compared to Cliff Martinez’ Drive soundtrack. If the whole thing sounded like previous single ‘So Long My Love’, which has Hayter dueting with a crashing modem, it would be in with a shot, but the couple’s foray into suicide, peril and dark sex is short lived. There’s something to the ZX Spectrum chase of ‘You Taste Sweeter’, but largely ‘Tomorrow’s World’ feels like an endless nightdrive that you don’t want to be on. A song like the swaying ‘Think of Me’ is wildly misplaced at track two, feeling like an interlude that’s been left on repeat for a long 4 minutes, while ‘Catch Me’’s overly literal lyrics would even have Drive’s man-in-lift rolling his eyes in his squashed skull.

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