When you’ve got twelve band members, a slew of instruments and a propensity for layering sounds, it’s dead easy for things to get messy very quickly.  Luckily for Young Dreams, avoiding such pitfalls seems to be second nature – the Norwegian gang handle their wistful, floaty way through ‘Between Places’, reconciling playful atmospherics, percussive flourishes and Matias Tellez’ constantly hopeful vocals with relative ease. These layers of sound that unravel with each listen make ‘Between Places’ a supremely rewarding album to play over, however, at times it can seem unnecessarily mild-mannered, somehow lacking forcefulness away from the romping celebration of ‘Fog of War’.  Yes, they’ve got the crisp vocal harmonies and the love of going ‘off the beaten track’, but Fleet Foxes comparisons seem somewhat generous, mainly because Young Dreams never quite manage the feats of honesty that made the Seattle boys’ debut so genuinely euphoric.

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