While most people’s early 20s are filled with directionless floundering, East Londoner Alessi Laurent-Marke has entered her second decade with a fat CV of recordings and an eloquently whimsical backdrop for her brand of guitar-based folk. Her third album, ‘The Still Life’, is an attempt to capture the period of existence when everything is finally calm and settled; whether turning your back on giddy turbulence aged 22 is a good idea or not is up for debate. While her voice is sublime, half of the 13 songs are not, meaning that high points like the twirling 6/8 of opener ‘Tin Smithing’, the noir-ish National cover ‘Afraid of Everyone’ and the whispered French croon of ‘Sans Balance’ are left splashing about in folky filler. Despite unquestionable talent, the perfectly smooth, untroubled beige of ‘The Still Life’ leaves you clawing for something tangible and troubling to grip on to.

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