From the frantic, visceral guitar hooks and piquant vocals that envelope bombastic opener ‘Looking For A Fight’ to the primitive and petulant ‘Next Stop’ that proceeds it, it’s obvious that Bleached are by no means atypical of this Californian rooted phenomenon. On first inspection, ‘Ride Your Heart’ sounds like a cursory prelude to the likes of Best Coast et al, but instead, Bleached often sound more like misplaced incarnations of the riot grrrl movement, whilst recalling the freewheeling ’70s garage-rock aesthetic of punk’s past: tangled, three-chord guitar rumbles stir incessantly under Jennifer Clavin’s lyrical vehemence, where love, loss and light-hearted tales of fun and frolics form the album’s sentimentally playful core. ‘Ride Your Heart’ is as pedestrian as it is monotonous, but it doesn’t detract from its blithe likeability. With melody at the forefront of each song, it’s unabashedly basic; it’s punk at its most elemental and it’s not to be taken too seriously.

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