‘A Summer Thing’, track four on Cayucas’ debut album, another pre-corrupted 1960s calypso song heavily inspired by The Beach Boys, ends with the repeated refrain: “it’s just a summer thing”. Project mastermind (a kind title considering the record’s plug-in-and-play beach pop nature) Zach Yudin is referring to an all American relationship, no doubt, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that he means ‘Bigfoot’ as a whole. Let’s just say you won’t be playing this kind of thing at your funeral, unless you’re Sponge Bob Square Balls and you plan to leap from your coffin and limbo with a cartoon crab as the credits role on Tropical Bay, or Hula Reef, or Sandy Cove, or somewhere. It sounds like The Drums, only better, and while nobody outside of coastal California can really relate to anything as Instagram’d as this, it is, for a time, a happy escape from whatever dank, non-seabed you live on.

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