‘Thr!!!er’, in all its heart to drumbeat matching glory, is a dextrous, foot stomping meta-tussle with the notion of the career defining album. The bi-coastal six piece of !!! insert their interchangeable, tri-syllabic moniker into a title that will always be synonymous with Michael Jackson’s benchmark release – the point being that just as their leash of exclamation points can stand in for any set of sounds, so the notion of a career high can mean whatever it needs to for the band in question. If their idea of a critical apex was finally capturing the spontaneous adrenaline of their infamous live shows on record, then Spoon drummer Jim Eno has done a solid job of shaping a heady approximation of the perfect gig. They’ve loosened up by sharpening up and the groove is spandex tight. Moving through post-disco incantations, the ecstatic pop perfection of ‘One Boy/One Girl’, darker freak-outs and a heavy, cataclysmic climax, ‘Thr!!!er’ feels inclusive, escapist and celebratory.

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