After releasing a string of cassettes and 7-inches on a hip series of notable indie labels, Mississippi resident R. Cole Furlow has built a solid reputation amongst those at the heart of the lo-fi world. This self-titled introduction represents the best of these largely no longer available records, collected together with a flourish of new material attached and presented as the debut Dead Gaze album; one that stands as a delicately crafted collection of lo-fi guitar pop that often arrives swamped in a thick, reverb-heavy fuzz. Though songs such as ‘You’ll Carry on Real Nice’ will attract obvious comparisons to Wavves, delve deeper and you’ll also find traces of ‘The Soft Bulletin’ era Flaming Lips, other neo psychedelia and even the occasional Brit pop swagger. Or perhaps I’m being a little kind there, because ‘Dead Gaze’’s problem is it sounds so completely OK.

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