Jai Paul releases debut album via Bandcamp after 4 year wait. Listen to it now.


Jai Paul‘s 2012 demo-come-single ‘Jasmine’ ended up as our track of the year in 2012, and anticipation for the west Londoner’s debut album has been pretty rife for the past 4 years. It comes as something of a surprise then that he appears to have snuck out his record via his bandcamp page, rather than his label XL Recordings.

Less strange, perhaps, is that the record isn’t names, nor are any of its tracks, but it does feature the previously released ‘Jasmine’ and ‘BTSTU’, and a cover of Jennifer Paige’s ‘Crush’.

Secrecy has always been Jai Paul’s thing, but with no official word on the album from label or artist, it’s got many questioning whether this is really his debut. As Noisey point out here, the chances are it is, and you can listen to the whole thing below.