Listen to an exclusive meditation mixtape from Beaty Heart.

South London collective Beaty Heart are about to release new cassette single ‘Seafood’ on Heart Throb Records. The third track on the tape is a 15 minute meditation track called ‘Meditation Mix’, and so the band have pieced together this meditation mix for us.

The band’s James Moruzzi says: “I can never sleep and i’m always trying to find things on the internet to help me sleep (maybe I should get off the internet and try sleeping). White noise, high pitches, washing machine sounds, all that shit. It doesn’t work. Josh told me about this Kiwi Whispers dude though. He’s makes these fucking bizarre sound pieces for youtube to help people sleep. Like, he’ll rub his hands on a piano, or over a book or he’ll speak really, really quietly. His stuff doesn’t work either, but it gave me the idea to make my own one.”

Beaty Heart play the following shows in support of ‘Seafood’…

April 9th – Single Launch Party @ White Heat, London
April 10th – Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
April 11th – Trof Fallowfield, Manchester
April 12th – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
April 13th – Start The Bus, Bristol
April 18th – Servant Jazz Quarters, London

Meditation Mix (Extended) by Beatyheart on Mixcloud