Adam Pierce might be on his seventh album as Mice Parade, but it doesn’t sound like he’s graduated beyond student sensibilities; he’s been on a career-long gap year to whichever corners of the globe have taken his fancy. ‘Candela’ follows suit in a sponge-like manner, having absorbed the sounds of all the places you pretend to want to go; salsa rhythms dissolved in clever Scandinavian shoegaze, and the like, while ‘Warm Hand in Narnia’ comfortably takes the prize for farthest flung reference point. ‘Candela’ is not, however, burdened by student idleness, and it often offers frantically absorbing pop. ‘Currents’ is an example of such multifaceted exertion, anchored by a tolerably saccharine-free female vocal, which makes for a nice change, but for all the synth- scattered world wisdom, some people like their holiday’s poolside and their albums less disorientating.

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