As the early-to-mid 2000s post-punk revival died a death, seemingly hammered into expiry by the bourgeoning grunge resurgence towards the end of the decade, Neils Children appeared to be one of its casualties, deciding to call it a day in 2010 after over a decade together. Unable to stay apart it seems, they are back, but not as you know it.  This isn’t a reformation, or even a re-birth, it’s an entirely new creature altogether: a creature that has spawned a genuinely wonderful record. Swathed in smoky atmosphere, it’s a record that feeds on the desire to create mood as much as it does impeccable song structure. Like Tame Impala at their strongest, it has that feeling of enormity combined with vast breadth and space, which, when paired with the intimate Broadcast-like warmth of the record, creates an engaging, whip-smart and beautifully textured production. Welcome back Neils Children.

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