One thing you can never accuse the Neon Neon project of is conventionality, either in its music or its themes. Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip’s 2008 debut, ‘Stainless Style’, was based on the life of the creator of the DeLorean car, and this time it’s the life of the late Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli (look him up) that gets the same treatment. ‘Praxis Makes Perfect’, though, is a record that stands firmly on its musical merits, however interesting its backstory. Listening to this album feels like walking around inside a glistening, neon pink kaleidoscope, or a musical sweet shop where there aren’t any flavours you don’t like. There’s the pure, cool synth-pop of ‘The Jaguar’, and ‘Dr. Zhivago’, which feels like a disco classic – a shimmering piece of melodic pop. Gruff Rhys’ voice is oddly and unexpectedly perfectly suited to this music, especially on the chilled-out album-closer ‘Ciao Feltrinelli’. ‘Praxis Makes Perfect’ is a half-hour slice of perfectly formed, instantly accessible, shiny melodic sonic joy.

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