It seems strange that Parquet Courts are so readily being called an NYC punk band. A duo formed in the wake of Fergus & Geronimo and Teenage Cool Kids (both from Denton, Texas), they might whizz with the downward strums of early Strokes, but there’s far more of the band’s home state in this debut album than their newly adopted city. At times ‘Light Up Gold’ sounds like it belongs in the Big Apple’s cool urban sprawl, but it frequently reverts back to sounds more associated with Texan garage rock, especially the strained vocals of ‘Yonder Is Closer To The Heart’, which crack with a desperation completely alien to most New Yorkers.

The band seem to be torn regarding their brains too, although unsurprisingly the more socially and politically aware songs (which are also the slowest, like ‘Careers In Combat’ and ‘N Dakota’) are far greater than ‘Stoned & Starving’ and other dude statements. Parquet Courts can of course have it both ways, but ‘Light Up Gold’ is weaker for its indecisions.

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