Public Service Broadcasting’s ‘The War Room’ EP showcased a truly original, exciting and innovative band; one that married samples from old government public information films to diverse musical backdrops built from electronics, folk and post-rock. This debut album is similarly constructed. The title track weaves its crackly spoken words in between layers of synth and house beats; it feels uneasy and foreboding, an emotion PSB appear to revel in creating. The fiery ‘Signal 30’ ends as brutally as the car crash it describes, while ‘ROYGBIV’ is a bright, bass-led groove. It would be very easy for this band to draw out their songs to eight and ten-minute mini-epics – it just feels like that kind of music – but even though they resist that temptation, in some cases to their detriment, ‘Inform – Educate – Entertain’ is an amorphous, constantly mutating beast. It doesn’t have the brutal impact of ‘The War Room’ – the ‘shock of the new’ has been lost – but this is an absorbing, and at times mesmerising, album.

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