‘Change Becomes Us’ is not just a perfectly fitting title to encapsulate the essence of Wire; it’s something of a life-long mantra for the group. Just like in 1977, 2013 sees the band still moving forward, evolving, and changing, albeit somewhat differently this time. The songs here are based loosely on old, undeveloped ideas, snippets of tracks and principles from the group’s formidable 1979-80 period. Re-imagined, re-contextualised and re-born, it’s an album that feels breathy and modern; twisted, manipulated vocals sometimes undergo the auto-tune experiment, but the Wire way, making the vocals reminiscent of their shiny, unexplainable guitar tones. There are explosive bursts of thunderous guitar punk and moments of pensive ambience. It’s an album that doesn’t sit still. Much like the group themselves.

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