Andrew Wyatt is a serial collaborator, having previously worked with the likes of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, but this is his first entirely solo project. Understated, it’s not; recorded in Prague with a 75-piece orchestra, the scale of Wyatt’s ambition is obvious. But this is no sprawling, overlong epic – it’s nine short, exquisitely tailored songs, filled with strings and Wyatt’s smoothly delivered vocals. ‘Harlem Boyzz’ is the sound of an old-school crooner singing a pop song over a warm, Richard Hawley-esque backdrop. ‘She’s Changed’, meanwhile, is like a Bond theme tune, all sweeping violins and drama. Albums such as this, with its straightforward structure and conventional nature, stand or fall on the strength of the songwriting, and Wyatt’s is richly realised. There are few thrills here, but the record seems bathed in a soft, warm glow, through which Wyatt’s talents shine brightly.

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