Charlie Boyer sings like he’s about to burst into tears. Proper cartoon baby, head-back-and-wailing kinda stuff. He used to do this with clunking post-punk trio Electricity In Our Homes, who’d proudly and difficulty clank away like it was day one of being in The Velvet Underground. Now Boyer has a band that are clearly trying to mess with the mainstream.

The Voyeurs have a freeform, psych jam thing going on that’s far more accomplished than the musical capabilities of EIOH. Plenty of tracks here patently stomp while just as many feature an overworked Doors-ish organ. Really though it is all very 6Music and probably a bit too tortured for Radio 1. Boyer’s voice sees to that, delivering highly suspect lines of forced weirdness like “I love my toes when they say so” and “The cat takes a gander at the goose”. God knows who it’s meant to be for.

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