When Mount Kimbie’s debut LP was released in 2010, just as the dubstep that had informed their early EPs was entering the mainstream with unapologetic gusto, its restless subversions of the genre and woozy, darting musical palate felt pleasingly independent. Unfortunately, three years on and in the context of a second album, that same trait now appears slightly aimless, like a band trying on different hats out of distraction rather than any greater creative drive.

That’s not to say ‘Cold Spring Fault Less Youth’ doesn’t have its moments – ‘Made To Stray’ is a wonderfully taut, skittering piece of electronica whose elegant ripples, hisses and moody vocals show exactly what Mount Kimbie are capable of. Similarly, the opening ‘Home Recording’’s fractured funk sits classily between D’Angelo and Disclosure, making for a genuinely modern-sounding hybrid. Elsewhere though ill-advised collabs with rapper King Krule and too many tracks that build slowly and patiently towards utterly anticlimactic endings make ‘Cold Spring…’ an ultimately frustrating, fidgety experience.

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