When a band needs to qualify a new release with: “We are making this music for ourselves.” you can be pretty sure their LP is going to end up somewhere on the spectrum between self-indulgent and sublime, and with track names as obtuse as ‘Uhy Yuoi Yoi’ it could be easy to discard ‘Waiting To Pleasure’ prematurely. Not really straying from the bleached-out soundscapes of their debut, but having smoothed some overdriven edges and turned up the vocals, what No Joy have actually arrived at here are more hooky, pop-driven shores. Shoegaze and all its offshoots are often greeted with scepticism by those not in the fanclub, and tracks like ‘E’ are still all feedback and overdrive and sheer grandiosity, but the likes of single ‘Lunar Phobia’ and ‘Hare Tarot Lies’, with their haunting vocal refrains, are as catchy as they are close to the sublime.

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