Rainbow Arabia’s debut, ‘Boys and Diamonds’, had us rather smitten. Seduced by the tribal rhythms and lush Casio build ups, it was an album that surprised and intrigued at every ethnotronic turn. But what ‘FM Sushi’ loses in terms of eclecticism it reclaims in the golden beam harmonies and synthesized FM melodies that pour throughout. By contrast, it’s a fluid, crystalline listen, pushed towards the breathy, stylised pop-futurism of Chromatics, Air’s feather light touch, and the ethereal pop of Fever Ray. It feels like much less of a smash and grab affair, with the chunky sax line and ambient backdrops on ‘Thali Iced Tea’, and the Vangelis slow build of ‘Three Moons’ coming across as colder and more calculating than before. Even the busier rhythms of ‘FM Sushi’ and the danceable, chiming beats of ‘Precreation’ feel considered and restrained. It makes ‘FM Sushi’ a very different journey compared to its predecessor and creates the sense that Rainbow Arabia are striding down pavements where once they danced down the dirt roads.

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