Salvia Plath signs new deal with Weird World to release ‘The Bardo Story’.


Michael Collins is the other astronaut that isn’t Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin. In 1969 he was up there, but he didn’t get out. There’s another Michael Collins too, though, who make music under the name Salvia Plath, which might be the worst name ever, or maybe that’s the project’s previous moniker, Run DMT.

Collins’ nu brand of air-headed hippy pop is far from crap though, and Domino subsidiary ‘Weird World’ have signed Salvia Plath to release his third record ‘The Bardo Story’ on July 9th.

Check out the video for lead track ‘House of Leaves’ below.

Pre-order the album, which comes in a cosmic, melty, Lennon-esque sleeve, here.

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