The press release that came with this album was so full of purple prose that it hasn’t left much for me to say. Perhaps I’ll do what it should have done and give you the bare facts – a much better way to introduce a record that is about nothing if not getting to the point. ‘It’s Up To Emma’, Portland based Scout Niblett’s sixth album, is a spartan romantic epitaph, largely self-recorded in the UK. Nine tracks chronicle the bruises of a relationship gone bad and are given fearless space amid growling voice and wounded guitar, reminiscent of PJ Harvey’s equally fearsome ‘Dry’. She sings about ultimate revenge before a cover of ‘No Scrubs’ hammers home her singular resolve. Of her own work it most resembles 2001’s ‘Sweet Heart Fever’, except the sweet heart is now a broken one. Oh, and it’s scarily good. The end.

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