As if they haven’t been mentioned enough in the same sentence in their career already, but the return of the Pastels brings back feelings greatly akin to those when the Vaselines returned in 2010 after twenty years off. There is a palpable feeling of apprehension; could a group so of its time, so heavily rooted (or labelled) to a musical period (and the youthful minds and bodies that occupied them) really come back as though nothing has changed? Well, the answer is – much like with the Vaselines, too – a resounding yes. ‘Night Time Made Us’ brims with a textured warmth and tenderness. It’s devilishly well produced, a far cry from the shabby but fun formative years of the group. It’s cloaked in grandiose but gingerly balanced strings, fluttering flutes and plush, silken vocals. It’s just a really simple and beautiful pop record when all is said and done – a most welcome return.

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