Some artists, when making their debut album, are so keen to make an indelible impression, so keen to have their voices heard and their stamp imprinted on the world, that they can lose perspective whilst doing it. Vision Fortune appear to be a group who are acutely aware of this mistaken tendency. Their debut is tantalisingly restrained and thought-out, it is paced, spaced and atmospherically imbibed within a carved-out world of ambience that they have truly created for themselves to exist in. An underlying anxiousness floats twitchingly throughout the album, creating a drone-ridden, barren, almost nocturnal tone and presence to it that sits in wonderful paradox to the album’s cover. Clearly not keen to subscribe to convention (they also ditch words on the track titles) ‘Mas Fiestas…’ is as subversive as it is submerging and it is utterly enthralling as a result.

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