Sometimes a band will settle into a single creative furrow, and keep ploughing and ploughing away until they’ve almost buried themselves. A Grave With No Name’s third record is one that sees them plunge both feet enthusiastically into that furrow.

Ironically, a song called ‘Dig Me Out’ is the highlight here, floating along as it does on layers of crunchy guitar, and evoking (in me, at least) the somewhat claustrophobic image of a man wearing black clothes, sitting on a black stool in a room with black walls, playing a black guitar. ‘Whirlpool’ is pervaded with a shoegaze-y vibe, but what starts out as a pleasant, hazy fug quickly becomes a plodding, four-four sludge, dotted here and there with acoustic vignettes. There’s a limpness and a lifelessness clinging to the core of this album; a feeling that AGWNN either can’t or don’t want to shake off.

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