Signed to Apollo, a subsidiary imprint of R&S, Cloud Boat’s Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke create a sound that has all the hallmarks of their parent label. But while ‘Book of Hours’ incorporates dub bass, pitch-shifted vocals and syncopated beats throughout, it’s actually more indebted to the English folk tradition than it is to contemporary UK underground dance.

‘Drean’ and ‘Godhead’, for example, repurpose Fairport Convention for the 21st century, while ‘Bastion’ fuses pastoral and 2-step with devastating effect. The real opus, however, is the eight-minute suite of ‘Pink Grin I’ and ‘II’, a haunting dubstep-meets-Mogwai purging of the tension that’s built in the preceding eight tracks. ‘Book Of Hours’ is like those first slats of sunlight that penetrate at 5am, as the shapelessness of the night before morphs into the focus of a bright June morning; melancholically reflective, yet benevolent and sumptuously warm.

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